ay-la-lay (Eng)


Have you ever spent your birthday on your very-very own? Oh dear! Sometimes life seems to be sucking you down the drain but, while it gobbles you up, there are thousands of scheming little la-la-la manoeuvres to keep you smiling.

A tralala-tragicomedy including B-movie thunderstorms, diabolical DIY, Maria Callas, contortionism and dance, prawn cocktail, electronic music, window-wooing, life in an urban shoebox, death-by-chocolate, telecom let-downs, transcendental meditation, Charlie’s Angels, constrictor-couture, green massacre, labour promotion, Wellington boots… and lots and lots of indescribable stuff!


Lali: María Ferrara
Fatulga Repanchingada (voice): Francesca Prince
Direction: Gurene Marín and María Ferrara
Script: María Ferrara
Scenery: Salvador Carabante and María Ferrara
Light design: Olga García
Sound: Jai
Costume technician: Noemi Llorente
Photography: Ana González Herrero
Graphic identity: Josune Urrutia
Video: Marcos Prack

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