continuará / to be continued

hh crouch-crop

photo: Jenny Haack


Liz Erber’s Rewilding Project

Sorry! Due to a technical problem, I’ve lost the content of this post… I hope to be able to recover it so that it will be available again soon!

common ground #1

Berlin’s new instant-composition series born out of Freistil.


I didn’t choose Ganesha. I got a poster of Ganesha as a gift because, apparently, “she” looked like me.

kites vs. slugs

y o u   h a v e   d e c i d e d   t o   r a i n t h a t   i s   t h e   c u e a l l   k i t e s   t a k e   b r e a k  t o d a … Continue reading

use the space

I can imagine this phrase being used by those in favour of shooting the waste we produce on our over-everything planet out into the galaxy. A fine return to the medieval geocentric view of the universe, not in terms of location, but as in feeling we are the pretty bellybutton of it all. However,

ascending hunger

bird flying up and up   soars on a heights fix   this bird that comes not down                   eats not