zuGANG zu fluGANGst – Workshop (Eng)

zuGANG zu fluGANGst (access to fluGANGst) is an event that mediates a studio version of the piece fluGANGst.

fluGANGst is the second piece by the GANG ensemble. This work is based on movements, activities and time/space patterns observed at airports. These elements have been stripped from narrative and dramatic meaning and have been treated as dance in different combinations. The choreography is a score for improvisation within which the dancers all use a common vocabulary.

In zuGANG zu fluGANGst participants are invited to experience the making-of of different parts of the piece. The conversation after the performance is an exchange between participants which the dancers moderate. The participants share their experiences from the introductory workshop and their perceptions of the performance in order to develop together a personal understanding of the piece. zuGANG zu fluGANGst facilitates a self-reliant and collaborative appropriation of the piece and creates a social event around the performance.

Conzept: María Ferrara.
By and with GANG: Jagna Anderson, Jenny Döll, María Ferrara, Susanne Soldan.


Unterstützt im Rahmen von mapping dance berlin. mapping dance berlin ist ein Modul im Rahmen von Attention Dance II, einem Projekt des Tanzbüro Berlin, getragen vom ZTB e.V. Das Projekt wird für die Jahre 2018 bis 2021 gefördert durch den Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE) und das Land Berlin.