zuGANG workshop (Eng)

zuGANG is a one-day dance workshop open and accessible to all. Participants will experiment with a vocabulary of pedestrian and pure movements* and a series of tasks to re-create the piece GANG (Mime Centrum Berlin, May 2017) and discover how it was made. This open-source format offers a practical experience of tools and practices used in postmodern dance-making.

GANG explores the articulation of the body as it walks and the articulation of the group by individuals. zuGANG offers a rich laboratory experience of movement deconstruction, dance construction and group dynamics. Participants take away tools to read and enjoy dance performance and soft skills** for everyday life.

*Trisha Brown on pure movement, “Pure Movement is a movement that has no other connotations. It is not functional or pantomimic. Mechanical body actions like bending, straightening or rotating would qualify as pure movement providing the context was neutral I use pure movement as a kind of breakdown of the body’s capabilities. ”

More information about Trisha Brown’s approach here.

**Soft skills – Hard skills are abilities that can be quantified and taught, they are what you can do. In contrast, soft skills are related to how you do what you do. Soft skills are also called inter and intrapersonal skills or emotional intelligence. They are difficult to quantify and they are learnt through experience rather than taught. zuGANG offers immersion in an ensemble and improvisation setting which contributes to developing soft skills like communication, teamwork, perspective, perseverance, adaptability, creativity and humour.

The first edition of this workshop on 28.10.17 was funded as part of the mapping dance berlin programme.

An event within the programme of mapping dance berlin. mapping dance berlin is a module of Attention Dance, a Tanzbüro Berlin project financed  by Zeitgenössischen Tanz Berlin e.V. and Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH. The project is subsidized by European Funds for Regional Development and Land Berlin.