zuGANG workshop 28.10.17 (eng)

zuGANG is a one-day dance workshop open and accessible to all. Participants will experiment with a vocabulary of pedestrian and pure movements and a series of tasks to re-create the piece GANG (Mime Centrum Berlin, May 2017) and discover how it was made. This open-source format offers a practical experience of tools and practices used in postmodern dance-making.

GANG explores the articulation of the body as it walks and the articulation of the group by individuals. zuGANG offers a rich laboratory experience of movement deconstruction, dance construction and group dynamics. Participants take away tools to read and enjoy dance performance and soft skills for everyday life.

Saturday, 28.10.17 / 10-14h und 15-19h
K77 Studio: Kastanienallee 77 – 2. H.H. – 3. O.G. – U-Eberswalder

The number of participants is limited to 12 – please register here.

An event within the programme of mapping dance berlin. mapping dance berlin is a module of Attention Dance, a Tanzbüro Berlin project financed  by Zeitgenössischen Tanz Berlin e.V. and Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH. The project is subsidized by European Funds for Regional Development and Land Berlin.