Andrew Morrish on Solo Improvisation

One of my main memories of attending a workshop with Andrew Morrish is the playful atmosphere of permission, in which creativity just seems to ooze out of everyone. It was wonderful to have a long chat with him, go deeper and learn about his values and his thinking around improvising as performance. Here is the…Read more Andrew Morrish on Solo Improvisation

dixi #1

we scrubbed it clean we scrubbed it clean here and there and everywhere we complaints book complaining through the book complaining in the book complaining in the book complaining in the book comes under “c” letter “c” for complaining we we khuh-khuh-khuh and what we could we depends it depends it all depends on the…Read more dixi #1

use the space

I can imagine this phrase being used by those in favour of shooting the waste we produce on our over-everything planet out into the galaxy. A fine return to the medieval geocentric view of the universe, not in terms of location, but as in feeling we are the pretty bellybutton of it all. However,'s…Read more use the space

bulk or treasure?

Anything unplanned could be called improvisation. Getting more specific, instant composition implies an awareness of the material that appears in the improvisation and of how this material is part of a whole time-space unit. Material. This word is often used when improvising composition/composing improvisation. A subcategory of material appears by the word growing a possessive…Read more bulk or treasure?

from instant composition to brahma-vishnu-shiva

Making and breaking frames of perception - keeping attention alive. An instantly composed performance with two dancers and a musician, the audience sitting in-the-round. At one end of the room there is a prepared piano with its guts exposed, two speakers on wheels and an electronic set. The night is visible through the windows and…Read more from instant composition to brahma-vishnu-shiva

tareas y herramientas

Solo on the Move #1 (Solo en Movimiento #1) ya está en marcha, con el apoyo de Kulturamt Pankow y viajando con rumbo a las actuaciones que tendrán lugar del 11 al 13 de junio en Studio Börne 45, Berlin. Liz Erber, Meltem Nil, Jenny Haack y yo ya estamos sumergidas en el proyecto de…Read more tareas y herramientas