GANG – the piece

Teaser by Roberto Duarte.

Locomotion as step-step-step. A space punctuated by landmarks. We can only go where our legs take us. Scrambling toes. Together we span the land. Objectives. Locomotion is step-step-step. Shuffling knees. A common gait belongs to noone. Noone toddles along like this. We punctuate the space with landmarks. Trudge. Single walks find other hands. Spring, hop, squat. Invisible objectives as step-step-step. Our feet carry our eyes. Treading sideways-inside-out. The space is noone’s. Perambulating-prancing, gambolling-going gang.

Concept – María Ferrara

Collective creation and performance – GANG: Jagna Anderson, María Ferrara, Evan Foster, Thomas Kokkinos-Kennedy, Ingo Reulecke, Ingolf Sessler, Susanne Soldan, Andrew Wass.

Guest performers (13.12.17) – Peti Costa, Jonas Wentritt.

Especially conceived for the 60-minutes series by impro-per-arts.

Units combine and make up larger units and are made up themselves of smaller units. Physics keeps going further into largeness and smallness and finding that this pattern extends ad infinitum. Nothing is merely itself, as its nature is also defined by its place in the articulated totality. We humans articulate to form communitites and are ourselves made up of articulated body parts. GANG is a dance score that draws on our gravitation towards contact and interaction and on the physical steps that actually bring us together. The performance is composed in the moment, structured by a common movement vocabulary and a set of stipulations that make events interdependent. Performers’ individual choices affect and are affected by those of others. Individual progression builds up a collective endeavour which oscillates between its inherent logic and apparent absurdity.

In GANG, the dancers set off to carry out a set of tasks which make them interdependent. Their movements are developed out of deconstructed steps and play with ranges and combinations. Walking is made possible only by the synergic interaction and dynamic adaptation of different parts of the body. Advancing towards accomplishment is made possible only by the synergic interaction and dynamic adaptation of the different members of a group. It is the same mechanism at work, both inside and outside us. Perhaps the limbs have it easier; they would never think they can do it on their own.

27.05.17 – Premiere – Mime Centrum, Berlin. 60_minutes series by impro-per-arts, for which it was especially conceived.
17.06.17 – 12h – Mime Centrum, Berlin. 60_minutes special within the Performing Arts Festival Berlin. (13th-18th June 2017)
13.12.17 – Tanzen vor Weihnachten Festival – Acker Stadt Palast.

The Berlin Performing Arts Festival is organized by LAFT – Landesverband freie darstellende Künste Berlin e. V. in cooperation with the performance venues HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Sophiensæle, Ballhaus Ost and Theaterdiscounter. The Berlin Performing Arts Festival is supported by the State of Berlin – Senate Administration for Cultural and European Affairs from funds of the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE) within the program “Promoting the Innovation Potential in Culture II (INP II)”.