fluGANGst (Eng)

Take off with us! Join us on tours and detours. Weave your way with us through corridors and aisles before you depart. Please keep going at all times. Be mindful that all sensory perception can be altered at high altitude and do not leave your portable devices unattended. The world is at your fingertips, so avoid diversionary manoeuvres and succumb to the travelling fever with style.

With its second dance piece -fluGANGst- the ensemble GANG explores group behaviour in a new context. Flying is cool, the perfect environment to enact our cosmopolitan self. An ultimate symbol of freedom and independence. Really? We are forced to walk through duty-free areas and we are bombarded by publicity, we are subjected to a climate of mistrust and danger which justifies control and we are herded into ever smaller spaces which allow for profit maximization. Airports and aeroplanes are the perfect stage on which our contemporary freedom and individuality are paradoxically played out.

Concept: María Ferrara.
By and with GANG: Jagna Anderson, Jenny Döll, María Ferrara, Susanne Soldan.
Soundscape: Justin Buckley.
Lighting Design: Marcelo Schmittner, María Ferrara
Costumes: guerrilla-d-robe.
Photos: Susanne Soldan, María Ferrara.

Premiered on 10.06.18 – Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin.
By and with: Peti Costa, Jenny Döll, María Ferrara, Evan Foster, Susanne Soldan.
As part of Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2018