Die Sinnenbewusste Stadt (Eng)

We get to know the Square-without-a-Name.
We get to know each other at the Square-without-a-Name.
You can get to know us at the Square-without-a-Name.

(The Sensory Aware City) We dedicate three weekends to this square. First we explore it with our senses and discover what it inspires in us. Through this process we get to know each other. On the third weekend we carry out an action in the square that is he result of our common experience on the square.


A workshop series within the project “Im Sinne des Kiezes” – by Berlin Mondiale.
“Im Sinne des Kiezes” is funded by the Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, Berliner Projektfonds für Urbane Praxis and DEGEWO.