1gang (entrance)

“1gang” (entrance) is a celebration of legs and feet. The traditional assumption that expression belongs to the upper part of the body is questioned by subordinating the movement to the initiatives of the lower limbs. Ongoing locomotion shapes the space with its itinerary and develops its own musicality with its pace. This abstract succession of pure movements is an entrance to textures and evocation along the way from departure to arrival.


Since summer 2016 my dance research has focussed on the action of walking. In July I undertook a six-day long solitary hike during which I improvised dance at the end of every day’s journey. Walking for up to six hours upon irregular terrain and up and down inclines made my lower body extremely present. Also, when I was dancing, the rough texture of the ground tended to keep me on my feet and the movements of the upper body often became subordinated to the act of keeping my balance. The dance log that resulted was a small catalogue of “stepping dances”.
As I got back I started working on the many ways of stepping I used in hiking which I don’t use in urban walking. I embarked on exploring the lower body: different ways of transferring my weight from one foot to another, isolating and/or disabling the various joint movements and leading the movement with the surfaces of legs and feet. This work has led to the solo “1gang” and the ensemble piece “GANG“.