yoga seeds #25 – A home practice – 2/ What do I do?

There are many approaches to building a sequence, so the question is very legitimate! If you're regularly attending someone's class, your body has very probably already internalized some of their sequences. A possible approach is to just let your body lead you. It is likely that it remembers more than your mind. That's how I…Read more yoga seeds #25 – A home practice – 2/ What do I do?

yoga seeds #20 – The hip way to your back

Last week somebody told me how wonderful their body had felt after the class the previous week. They suffer from ongoing back pains and they all seemed to be gone as they woke up the next day. The current theme block I'm working on is backbends and on that specific session we had focussed intensively…Read more yoga seeds #20 – The hip way to your back

yoga seeds #12 – Valsalva manoeuvre

Here's a wonderful term that you can casually drop at your next social get-together to impress friends and relatives alike! As sophisticated as it sounds, this action is what makes the throaty grunt that sometimes accompanies a big physical effort like lifting or pushing a heavy load or even a move during yoga class... Achtung!…Read more yoga seeds #12 – Valsalva manoeuvre

yoga seeds #11 – Sitting up straight…

… is actually not sitting up straight at all but, rather, sitting up curvy! Our spine is happiest with its natural curves (towards the front at the lower back -lumbar lordosis-, towards the back at the ribcage -thoracic kyphosis- and towards the front at the neck -cervical lordosis-) and that’s when it’s most efficient in…Read more yoga seeds #11 – Sitting up straight…