tasks and tools

Solo on the Move #1 is under way, with the support of Kulturamt Pankow and travelling towards the performances taking place 11th-13th June at Studio Börne 45, Berlin. Liz Erber, Meltem Nil, Jenny Haack and myself are already engaged in the project of weaving four instant-composition solos together. In parallel, the series of workshops, each…Read more tasks and tools

instant composition – serving suggestion

The midnight discussion after the day’s performances at the 100° Festival brought something back to my mind. The fundamental differences between attending a set performance and an improvised performance. (The verb “attend” is fully meant, beyond its more usual meaning of “being present”, to “paying attention” and all the way back to its etymological Middle…Read more instant composition – serving suggestion


(I didn't know what it meant either, I've only just discovered the word!) Saturday 7th February at Laborgrass. The programme: a double bill – a first-time line-up of 3 musicians + 1 dancer and Streugut in a tighter 3-man formation – curated by Impro-Per-Arts. As audience, we enjoyed two very different performances, both of them…Read more allogamy

why a one-hour improvised solo?

... asked someone. Why not?, thought I. If the core of the question is “one-hour”, for sure, audiences are more and more used to short formats and our attention is challenged by duration itself. A one-hour performance could merely be a string of shorter performances in succession, but it could also have a different character,…Read more why a one-hour improvised solo?

more than one way

INTERIOR. AN AIRY AND SPACIOUS YOGA STUDIO IN BERLIN. DAY. Etoile Chaville, Jennifer Mann and María Ferrara prepare a joint session for the Yoga Sky open-doors day. They teach classes in French, English and Spanish and the theme of the session at hand is coming together, bridging differences with the common language of yoga. Idea…Read more more than one way


We are amphibians. That means we live both in and out of water. Sometimes we bask in the sunshine, feel our weight supported by the solid ground underneath and see clear contours and shapes. Sometimes we swim underwater – sliding, twisting and turning with no up and no down and hear sounds that are difficult…Read more amphibians