yoga seeds #23 – Flexibility and strength

My motto since I started teaching yoga has been Your body, your mind and you - a balance between flexibility and strength, will and surrender, concentration and expansion. I was listening to the latest Yogaland podcast in which Andrea Ferretti talks to Jason Crandell (These are my favourites. Highly recommended! Check out the link and…Read more yoga seeds #23 – Flexibility and strength

yoga seeds #19 – Shaping the mind

Michal Lassmann, who participates in my classes, told me the other day that she had noticed how yoga was changing the way her mind worked and had found an interesting article that could explain this phenomenon. There are many ways in which our mind can be shaped by hatha yoga, which really means any physical…Read more yoga seeds #19 – Shaping the mind

yoga seeds #9 – The ups and downs of headstand

*Contains more than the usual daily serving of anatomic and physiological references. 100% useable. Does not contain traces of (being) nuts. Inversions in general and headstand (shirshasana) in particular are controversial in the yoga community. On one extreme there are those who say they are the most important poses in yoga. On the other, there…Read more yoga seeds #9 – The ups and downs of headstand

yoga seeds #5 – To meditate or not to meditate

The key to meditating is to do it :) Of course, given that we feel the inclination to meditate or we feel curious about it! It can often feel like we're just sitting there in our usual thinking state and not meditating at all, but the difference is that we're noticing what it's like, we're…Read more yoga seeds #5 – To meditate or not to meditate