Andrew Morrish on Solo Improvisation

One of my main memories of attending a workshop with Andrew Morrish is the playful atmosphere of permission, in which creativity just seems to ooze out of everyone. It was wonderful to have a long chat with him, go deeper and learn about his values and his thinking around improvising as performance. Here is the…Read more Andrew Morrish on Solo Improvisation

Véronique Langlott – Lyrical Ping Pong

Lyrical Ping Pong is a dance solo by Véronique Langlott based on the poem 'Alphabet', by Danish author Inger Christensen. This poem has 14 sections, one for each letter of the alphabet until letter n, and follows the mathematical structure of the Fibonacci sequence, so that the number of verses in each of the 14…Read more Véronique Langlott – Lyrical Ping Pong

zebra proyekt – the street is choreography

Movements are the raw material of dance, with which everything else is made visible. Movement manifests time: speeds, rhythms and even stillness when it stops. Movement manifests space: anatomy, gravity, impulse, dimensions, shapes. What is it that promotes movement to the category of dance? Are certain movements more dance than others? What description of dance…Read more zebra proyekt – the street is choreography

contigüidad – rizomas y calor

La primavera pasada empecé a pensar en la recurrencia de la linealidad en la composición instantánea: lo uno lleva a lo otro, que lleva a lo siguiente. Un continuo de conciencia fluyendo hacia delante como un río. ¿Podría uno componer en el momento utilizando un modelo diferente? ¿Qué tipo de modelo sería? “Contiguity” (contigüidad) –…Read more contigüidad – rizomas y calor

Zeitgenössischer Glanz – the process

the glimmer of the everyday made dance. May 27th and 28th 2016 Studioboerne45 – Börnestraße 45 (Berlin-Weißensee) Dance: María Ferrara Soundscape: Justin Buckley Choreography: María Ferrara & Ingo Reulecke 06.05.16 – In transit, rehearsals under way! mf – Berlin – 2016 The society of information – that’s ours! The ever-increasing amount of information available and…Read more Zeitgenössischer Glanz – the process

common ground #1

Berlin's new instant-composition series born out of Freistil. 2015 saw the last Freistil programme in its nine years of life. With its focus on improvised performance, this monthly series, curated by Heide Moldenhauer and hosted by Tanzfabrik, can be considered  a pioneering classic in the Berlin instant-composition scene. Although the proliferation of programmes focussing on…Read more common ground #1