yoga seeds #25 – A home practice – 2/ What do I do?

There are many approaches to building a sequence, so the question is very legitimate! If you’re regularly attending someone’s class, your body has very probably already internalized some of their sequences. A possible approach is to just let your body lead you. It is likely that it remembers more than your mind. That’s how I started practising at home :) You could also decide beforehand what you’re going to do, based on how you feel or on a certain long-term focus that you’re working on. Start your session connecting to your breath, make it balanced by including the five movements of the spine -forward bend, backbend, side bend, twist and elongation (this one should be there transversally, in everything)- and finish lying down to relax and integrate (savasana). If you’re working on an asana, you can approach its component parts in the previous asanas, starting with the least challenging . I try to signpost my classes, so that you know what each thing is for. My intention is that, with time, you can play with these building blocks yourself and combine them in different ways. Give it a go! You might be surprised how much you’ve already in-corpo-rated.

Thanks to all my students at Yoga Hub Berlin, who inspire me with their practice.

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4x shirshasana







24.04. – 01.05. – 08.05. – 15.05.

Yesterday it snowed in Berlin. Snow in April?! The weather instability in the last weeks seems to be taking its toll on a lot of us. Moods and energy levels swing as the metabolism tries to keep up with the changing environmental conditions while the spring with its longer sunhours shakes everything up anyway.

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