projects – english

You can find videos in some of the links below or in the corresponding pages of this website or you can go here if you want to get an overview of all the video material.

GANG – instant composition, dance, ensemble – premiere 27.05.17 in Berlin within the 60_minutes series – active

Zebra Proyekt – dance workshop – active

P.U.R.E. (Performative Urban Research Ensemble) – site-specific, ensemble, participatory- active

Zeitgenössischer Glanz (Contemporary Danzzling) – dance solo – trailer – active

Instant Composition – dance, voice, speech – active

Ferrara-Vorfeld – music & dance duet – active

Ozhegov – vocal instant composition solo – active

Everyday Pieces – instant composition solo – dance, voice, speech, common objects – active

KPT+F – music & dance & visuals quartet – active

Görli Dreaming

Solo on the Move #1


Bodily Functions