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I studied theatre acting in Madrid between 1996 and 1999 and I have worked with various companies in Spain and England. As I continued to train in movement, dance, voice and clowning, I evolved towards physical theatre and formats which included dance, music and collaborative devising.

In 2002 I started exploring solo creation. Perhaps as a result of this facing myself, my interest in technical tools decreased and I dived into a deep study of other aspects of my instrument: between 2004 and 2008 I completed basic and advanced yoga teacher training and Gestalt therapy training. I have worked as a yoga teacher and Gestalt facilitator in parallel to my performance work. I have found significant synergies, spillover effects and inspirations connecting the three areas, particularly concerning movement and voice. This phase culminated with “Ay-la-lay“, a 50-minute clown-musical-tragedy which I presented in Madrid in 2009 and have performed until 2013.

My relationship with my body had become central and in 2011 I came into contact with postmodern dance through Ingo Reulecke. I became fascinated by its approach to performance, composition and improvisation and since then I have taken workshops or trained with Nancy Stark Smith, Simone Forti, Daniel Lepkoff, Sten Rudstrøm, Andrew Morrish, Ruth Zaporah, Kate Hilder, Rosalind Crisp, Ulrike Sowodniok.  In the last years I have dedicated myself fully to developing my dance language. It seems to me to be connected to my deepest stratum – a kind of pre-knowledge which fascinates me and which I find is delicate and easily overpowered by voice and speech. I’m now back into singing, and I’m approaching it also from the body.

I live in Berlin since 2014 and perform live: instant composition or pre-composed pieces, solo or in collaboration. I am particularly interested in the hallway between abstract/concrete, pedestrian/unlikely, humour/significance, singing/sound…

I have always written. Between 2012 and 2013 I collaborated with the online performing-arts publication “La Cenital” in Spain and I have written guest-posts for other theatre-related blogs. In the blog section of this website I am posting about performance – mainly instant composition – and yoga, and also sharing some of my creative writing. I post writing with a more philosophical twist on My native language is Spanish, I’m bilingual in English and I have an intermediate level of spoken German and Russian.

I find myself drawn time and time again to the spaces in between things. Some people have told me it’s better to focus on one thing only, but whenever I’ve tried, it didn’t feel better.

(Contact me here for a full CV.)


One thought on “maría – english

  1. Liebe María. I follow You!
    Hab mich gefreut, Dich zu sehen gestern.
    hier mein Blog:
    bis bald wieder!

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