yoga seeds #1 – right and wrong

Let's put aside the complicated question of what right and wrong can actually mean. Whenever we consider an asana or aspect of our practice in terms of "right and wrong" we reduce the immensity of experience to a mere binary. When we get it wrong we are unsatisfied and we get it right nothing remains…Read more yoga seeds #1 – right and wrong


yoga seeds – introduction and index

These brief posts are based on comments, thoughts, questions and conversations emerging from my yoga classes at Yoga Hub Berlin. I am thankful to all practitioners joining my classes, because they keep planting seeds of reflection in me. It is my intention to pass on these inspirations and share the shoots, the roots, the fruits…Read more yoga seeds – introduction and index


I didn’t choose Ganesha. I got a poster of Ganesha as a gift because, apparently, “she” looked like me. I would soon discover that this elephant deity was actually masculine, that his name was Ganesha and that he was the Hindu god of beginnings, invoked to remove obstacles. This would explain his immense popularity, as…Read more ganesha

warriors – continued

This post follows on from "warriors", which sets the frame for a symbolic approach to the virabhadrasana triptych. I write in first person because I dare not assume that everyone’s experiences are the same as mine and because I don’t know who “one” is. The warrior asanas are all standing postures starting off from a…Read more warriors – continued