4x shirshasana







24.04. – 01.05. – 08.05. – 15.05.

Yesterday it snowed in Berlin. Snow in April?! The weather instability in the last weeks seems to be taking its toll on a lot of us. Moods and energy levels swing as the metabolism tries to keep up with the changing environmental conditions while the spring with its longer sunhours shakes everything up anyway.

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in your own time


mf – algarve 2005

Beginnings and ends make us aware of change and time. Perhaps it’s the beginning of the new calendar year that has prompted me to focus on the tempo of my practice. If you’re looking for some ideas for your home practice, this could be it! In led classes, the tempo will be an average of what the teacher sets and what the whole group can do, but when you’re practising alone you’re free to choose your own timing – and this opens up some very juicy possibilities! Read on for some suggestions.


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photo: maría ferrara. mamallapuram – tamil nadu (india)

Considering that the first of the ethical principles listed in the Yoga Sutras is non-violence (ahimsa), it may seem strange to have asanas named “warrior”-virabhadra. However, as one advances in the path of yoga, the metaphor of virabhadrasana and the battle may ring a bell or two.

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