yoga seeds #25 – A home practice – 2/ What do I do?

There are many approaches to building a sequence, so the question is very legitimate! If you're regularly attending someone's class, your body has very probably already internalized some of their sequences. A possible approach is to just let your body lead you. It is likely that it remembers more than your mind. That's how I…Read more yoga seeds #25 – A home practice – 2/ What do I do?

yoga seeds #24 – Expectations

I was riding my bike to teach last Sunday morning. On the side of the road I spotted a small red ball. The kind with which children's pools are filled. After a couple hundred meters there was a blue one. Later a yellow one. Then I noticed myself getting impatient about not finding the next…Read more yoga seeds #24 – Expectations

yoga seeds #23 – Flexibility and strength

My motto since I started teaching yoga has been Your body, your mind and you - a balance between flexibility and strength, will and surrender, concentration and expansion. I was listening to the latest Yogaland podcast in which Andrea Ferretti talks to Jason Crandell (These are my favourites. Highly recommended! Check out the link and…Read more yoga seeds #23 – Flexibility and strength

yoga seeds #22 – Home practice – 1/ Home!

Rebecca, who is the karma yogi at the reception desk on Saturdays suggested the other day that I address the topic of developing a home practice. A great idea! In fact so great and big, that I will be covering it in different posts, not necessarily one after the other. I like to call it…Read more yoga seeds #22 – Home practice – 1/ Home!

yoga seeds #21 – In transit

The last asana I've been focussing on in class is upward-facing dog (urdhva mukha svanasana). Several people have told me they had never actually been given any instruction regarding this asana, which just got called out as part of vinyasa. So, although they had transitioned through this pose lots of times before, they had actually…Read more yoga seeds #21 – In transit

yoga seeds #20 – The hip way to your back

Last week somebody told me how wonderful their body had felt after the class the previous week. They suffer from ongoing back pains and they all seemed to be gone as they woke up the next day. The current theme block I'm working on is backbends and on that specific session we had focussed intensively…Read more yoga seeds #20 – The hip way to your back