4x shirshasana

            24.04. - 01.05. - 08.05. - 15.05. Yesterday it snowed in Berlin. Snow in April?! The weather instability in the last weeks seems to be taking its toll on a lot of us. Moods and energy levels swing as the metabolism tries to keep up with the changing environmental…Read more 4x shirshasana


in your own time

Beginnings and ends make us aware of change and time. Perhaps it's the beginning of the new calendar year that has prompted me to focus on the tempo of my practice. If you're looking for some ideas for your home practice, this could be it! In led classes, the tempo will be an average of…Read more in your own time


I didn’t choose Ganesha. I got a poster of Ganesha as a gift because, apparently, “she” looked like me. I would soon discover that this elephant deity was actually masculine, that his name was Ganesha and that he was the Hindu god of beginnings, invoked to remove obstacles. This would explain his immense popularity, as…Read more ganesha

warriors – continued

This post follows on from "warriors", which sets the frame for a symbolic approach to the virabhadrasana triptych. I write in first person because I dare not assume that everyone’s experiences are the same as mine and because I don’t know who “one” is. The warrior asanas are all standing postures starting off from a…Read more warriors – continued


Considering that the first of the ethical principles listed in the Yoga Sutras is non-violence (ahimsa), it may seem strange to have asanas named “warrior"-virabhadra. However, as one advances in the path of yoga, the metaphor of virabhadrasana and the battle may ring a bell or two. Practising yoga is a continuous challenge beyond the…Read more warriors

more than one way

INTERIOR. AN AIRY AND SPACIOUS YOGA STUDIO IN BERLIN. DAY. Etoile Chaville, Jennifer Mann and María Ferrara prepare a joint session for the Yoga Sky open-doors day. They teach classes in French, English and Spanish and the theme of the session at hand is coming together, bridging differences with the common language of yoga. Idea…Read more more than one way