yoga seeds #17- The seat of power

The sanskrit name for chair pose is utkatasana, which means powerful or fierce pose. It's not a particularly exciting-looking pose... but it definitely is hard work and that's how it awakens our power! I consider it to be one of the most functional poses, because it brings us benefits in everyday walking, standing and sitting,…Read more yoga seeds #17- The seat of power


yoga seeds #16 – A Goal in Life

It was Sunday and, like many Sundays, we stayed behind in the studio for a chat and a cup of tea after the class. Like many Sundays, we bypassed idle chit-chat and the conversation flowed into things that mattered to us. "If there's a goal in life that really makes sense, that must be preserving…Read more yoga seeds #16 – A Goal in Life

yoga seeds #15 – We

A couple of weeks ago I had a bike accident and injured my arm, so there were things that I couldn’t demonstrate. The way I do transitions aims at working from the ground up and from inside out and can be disconcerting if you’ve never done it before, so I needed support. I asked the…Read more yoga seeds #15 – We

yoga seeds #14 – Special and subtle: the breath

The most basic pranayama practice is observing the breath. "Basic", as opposed to "simple", because it's the basis upon which we can develop other practices and also because observing the breath is no simple matter. For one thing, as soon as we turn our attention to it, the breath tends to change. The first challenge…Read more yoga seeds #14 – Special and subtle: the breath

yoga seeds #13 – Including

Everything that happens during our practice can be related to as a chance to practise: I lose my thread and I don't know if it's right or left leg now, I push too hard and hurt myself, I get dizzy when I come up, I wish I could do what my neighbour can, I topple…Read more yoga seeds #13 – Including

yoga seeds #12 – Valsalva Manoeuvre

Here's a wonderful term that you can casually drop at your next social get-together to impress friends and relatives alike! As sophisticated as it sounds, this action is what makes the throaty grunt that sometimes accompanies a big physical effort like lifting or pushing a heavy load or even a move during yoga class... Achtung!…Read more yoga seeds #12 – Valsalva Manoeuvre