yoga seeds #1 – right and wrong

Let's put aside the complicated question of what right and wrong can actually mean. Whenever we consider an asana or aspect of our practice in terms of "right and wrong" we reduce the immensity of experience to a mere binary. When we get it wrong we are unsatisfied and we get it right nothing remains…Read more yoga seeds #1 – right and wrong


yoga seeds – introduction and index

These brief posts are based on comments, thoughts, questions and conversations emerging from my yoga classes at Yoga Hub Berlin. I am thankful to all practitioners joining my classes, because they keep planting seeds of reflection in me. It is my intention to pass on these inspirations and share the shoots, the roots, the fruits…Read more yoga seeds – introduction and index

Andrew Morrish on Solo Improvisation

One of my main memories of attending a workshop with Andrew Morrish is the playful atmosphere of permission, in which creativity just seems to ooze out of everyone. It was wonderful to have a long chat with him, go deeper and learn about his values and his thinking around improvising as performance. Here is the…Read more Andrew Morrish on Solo Improvisation

titanic flops

She saves her neck with grace by lacing it with pearls. Like teeth prepared to snap at inconvenience or strife. Shark-sharp teeth smooth like ice that don’t think twice. Out-of-sinking-ship spring, rather than dragged-down death under the engulfing gulping centripetal wave borne by titanic flops. Pre-empt. Pre-caution. Pre-clusion. Re-demption. Se-clusion in the floating castle only…Read more titanic flops

Véronique Langlott – Lyrical Ping Pong

Lyrical Ping Pong is a dance solo by Véronique Langlott based on the poem 'Alphabet', by Danish author Inger Christensen. This poem has 14 sections, one for each letter of the alphabet until letter n, and follows the mathematical structure of the Fibonacci sequence, so that the number of verses in each of the 14…Read more Véronique Langlott – Lyrical Ping Pong