yoga seeds #8 – headstand* and fear

It could be that just setting the head down on the floor for headstand (shirshasana) and seeing everything upside down feels challenging. Breaking down the pose and preparing each of the elements we will need (strong arms, shoulder mobility and stability, forward bend and a strong core to come into the position, balance) can make…Read more yoga seeds #8 – headstand* and fear


yoga seeds #7 – progress

Progress is forward movement towards a destination. So it really depends on what we're oriented towards. As we begin to practise, most of us measure our progress in terms of space (bringing my head lower, stretching my legs straighter). This progress will sooner or later come to a halt, either because of anatomical limitations or…Read more yoga seeds #7 – progress

yoga seeds #6 – shoulderstand and plow pose: giving space to the breath

The breath adapts to the different positions of the body, but if it we feel like we can't breathe, then we need to back off. If shoulderstand (sarvangasana) and plow pose (halasana) feel difficult to breathe in, that's no surprise. As in any inversion, the weight of the abdominal content is resting on the diaphragm,…Read more yoga seeds #6 – shoulderstand and plow pose: giving space to the breath

yoga seeds #5 – to meditate or not to meditate

The key to meditating is to do it :) Of course, given that we feel the inclination to meditate or we feel curious about it! It can often feel like we're just sitting there in our usual thinking state and not meditating at all, but the difference is that we're noticing what it's like, we're…Read more yoga seeds #5 – to meditate or not to meditate

yoga seeds #4 – all or nothing

It's challenging to practise for only 15 minutes when you're used to 60. Or to avoid all the planks and downward-facing dogs because your wrists are hurting. Or to sit down to meditate knowing in advance that it will feel like a rave. So often we avoid the challenge of experiencing ourselves doing less than…Read more yoga seeds #4 – all or nothing

yoga seeds #3 – menstruation and inversion

"Should I not do inversions when I have my period?" Menstruation is governed by apana vayu, the energy of excretion. When we put the pelvis upside down, gravity works against this action. Going against what our body is trying to do may make the body try harder at expulsion by cramping. Having said that, as…Read more yoga seeds #3 – menstruation and inversion