yoga seeds #15 – We

A couple of weeks ago I had a bike accident and injured my arm, so there were things that I couldn’t demonstrate. The way I do transitions aims at working from the ground up and from inside out and can be disconcerting if you’ve never done it before, so I needed support. I asked the people who felt familiar with my classes to raise their hand, so that others could follow them if necessary. The large number of raised hands warmed my heart. The classes have been building up since we opened and there is now a good amount of regulars, a kind of core group. We all know how different it is to practice alone or in a group, so the energy of the group plays an important role. This core group is made of people who’ve chosen the class consciously and this means they come with a commitment, dedication and perseverance that is in the room for everybody. Not only that; when somebody comes for the first time they find a friendly vibe and a familiarity that I can try to facilitate but can not create on my own. We’re all contributing something, whether leading the class or taking it. And that’s what makes the class OUR class.

PS: I’ll teach the last class of the year on the 31st. Xmas can be trying… shake off some of the excess, reconnect to yourself and set off into 2019 full of vitality!

Thanks to all my students at Yoga Hub Berlin, who inspire me with their practice.

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