yoga seeds #13 – Including

Everything that happens during our practice can be related to as a chance to practise: I lose my thread and I don’t know if it’s right or left leg now, I push too hard and hurt myself, I get dizzy when I come up, I wish I could do what my neighbour can, I topple over, I get a kick of how good I feel in this asana, I think about what I’m going to have for dinner, I suddenly get emotional and want to cry and I don’t know why… These are not obstacles on our path, they are the things that our path is made of and they offer us the possibility of going beyond a merely physical practice, by practising awareness and presence in every circumstance. When, happen what will, I can acknowledge it and how I experience it while not losing my capacity to be witness I am expanding my consciousness between my finite human condition and transcendence. If we’re doing yoga to stretch, here’s an advanced one!

Thanks to all my students at Yoga Hub Berlin, who inspire me with their practice.

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