yoga seeds #10 – Zigzags and spirals

Sometimes we reach a certain point with an asana that feels very clearly like something’s clicked, like a change of paradigm. “I got it!” It could be that we’ve developed strength enough to support the position, or flexibility enough to do a bind, or balance enough to stay there. It could also be that we’ve been able to let the breath flow, or relax the muscles that were not required, or be present in our whole bodies. It could be that we’ve discovered how our relationship with the asana is mirroring some aspect of our life off the mat. It could also be that we’ve surrendered to the limitation and been able to joyfully inhabit what we can do. Whichever way, it is possible that, after “getting it”… suddenly we lose it again. Everything changes and transforms constantly, that is the nature of existence. Oscillations and cycles are also transformations and, even if they seem like a backward movement, they’re not. There is actually, never, a going back. Think of night and day. Every day is a new day and not a return to the previous one. Even if we can’t do today what we did yesterday, it’s all moving forwards, zigzagging or spiralling, but always forwards.

Thanks to all my students at Yoga Hub Berlin, who inspire me with their practice.

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