yoga seeds #8 – Headstand* and fear

It could be that just setting the head down on the floor for headstand (shirshasana) and seeing everything upside down feels challenging. Breaking down the pose and preparing each of the elements we will need (strong arms, shoulder mobility and stability, forward bend and a strong core to come into the position, balance) can make us feel more secure. However, it could come to the point when we’ve been doing headstand near a wall for some time now and we don’t feel confident to move away from it… even if we’re not using it at all! Our mind and emotions also need their time. Pushing through fear can make it stronger, just like trying to stretch a muscle with force rather than time can produce a contracture or even injury. Once the body is ready, the fear of going further can turn into excitement and curiosity. Then, when every part and layer of us is ready and willing, that’s the moment to take the step.

*I’ve just started a block focussing on headstand (shirshasana). Whether starting from scratch or wanting to refine the details, join me on Mondays 17:45h, Saturdays 10:15h or Sundays 11h. Of course, within a well-rounded session for the whole of you!

Thanks to all my students at Yoga Hub Berlin, who inspire me with their practice.

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