yoga seeds #5 – To meditate or not to meditate

The key to meditating is to do it :) Of course, given that we feel the inclination to meditate or we feel curious about it! It can often feel like we’re just sitting there in our usual thinking state and not meditating at all, but the difference is that we’re noticing what it’s like, we’re getting to know it. In our physical practice we can see the parts of our body and we have sensations to guide us. In meditation we are lacking such straightforward ways of knowing the “position” we’re in, so we need to develop a feeling for our mind and its processes. This can only be done by practising. Every second that we spend sitting with an orientation to meditate is part of this development. The path is curvy, hilly, spirally…

Thanks to all my students at Yoga Hub Berlin, who inspire me with their practice.

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