yoga seeds #3 – Menstruation and inversion

“Should I not do inversions when I have my period?” Menstruation is governed by apana vayu, the energy of excretion. When we put the pelvis upside down, gravity works against this action. Going against what our body is trying to do may make the body try harder at expulsion by cramping. Having said that, as a beginner I did inversions anyway, with no adverse effects that I’m aware of. As my practice developed I stopped wanting to do inversions, or anything intense, during my period days. Instead I feel like a gentle practice close to the ground focussed on my hips, stretching the abdomen and softly releasing my sacroiliac area. I think one of the points of practising is becoming sensitized to the needs of our body. Without taking excessive risks, doing something in order to know what it feels like can be part of this process, so that we choose consciously as a result of experience.

Thanks to all my students at Yoga Hub Berlin, who inspire me with their practice.

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