These brief posts are based on comments, thoughts, questions and conversations emerging from my yoga classes at Yoga Hub Berlin. I am thankful to all practitioners joining my classes, because they keep planting seeds of reflection in me. It is my intention to pass on these inspirations and share the shoots, the roots, the fruits and the new seeds they may produce.

Below you will find an index of the weekly posts, which will be updated as they are published.

Lots of life!

#1 Right and wrong
#2 Difficulty
#3 Menstruation and inversion
#4 All or nothing
#5 To meditate or not to meditate
#6 Shoulderstand & plow pose: giving space to the breath
#7 Progress
#8 Headstand and fear
#9 The ups and downs of headstand
#10 Zigzags & spirals
#11 Sitting up straight…
#12 Valsalva Manoeuvre
#13 Including


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