yoga seeds #1 – Right and wrong

Let’s put aside the complicated question of what right and wrong can actually mean. Whenever we consider an asana or aspect of our practice in terms of “right and wrong” we reduce the immensity of experience to a mere binary. When we get it wrong we are unsatisfied and we get it right nothing remains to be done. I find it more inspiring to think in terms of expanding awareness: give awareness to the foot that I don’t feel is turned out, to the gaze that has switched off, to the core so that it can support me… With this orientation I can always go further, and nothing I do is useless, but rather a step on the path.

Thanks to all my students at Yoga Hub Berlin, who inspire me with their practice.

4 thoughts on “yoga seeds #1 – Right and wrong

  1. Hi Maria. I appreciate your blog. I find it super helpful in my learning way. Namaste🐎 🙏🍀

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