would you reject an autumn tree?

mf – irati 2006

I can only paraphrase what was said and hope I get it right and can share it as it was, simple and beautiful, inspiring for performance and elevating for life.

After the concert played on 13.01.17 by Michael Harenberg (electronics), Frank Fiedler (percussion) and Ernesto Molinari (contrabass clarinet) at Musikinstrumenten-Museum (Berlin) the floor was opened to questions from the audience. The performance had been a scored improvisation and a member of the audience asked whether they ever felt dissatisfied with what one of the others played. Frank Fiedler replied that that would be like going out for a walk in the woods on an autumn day and starting to find fault with one tree or another. A simple statement about perceiving and appreciating what is, free of shoulds and wants. Although the metaphore he chose to frame his example made it very easy to understand, I’m sure we can transpose the essence of this attitude to any other situation in an improvisation or in life, even if the scenario is less alluring. How often is judgement getting in the way of pure experience? And, if we reject the experience at hand, what else are we left with? The poetry and practical logic of a taoist teaching – thank you Frank Fiedler!

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