tanzsalon reshuffled

from left: Meg Stuart, Brendan Dougherty, Louise Wagner (moderating), Ingo Reulecke and Biliana Voutchkova at Karl-Marx-Buchhandlung. own photo.

An evening of performance and reflection organized by zeitgenössischertanzberlin focusing on dance+music collaborations. It happened on March 13th 2015 in Karl Marx Allee 78. Thanks to all the participants for the following words:

closed eyes give 100
minus 30
percent here
is a plus there
deconstructed and there
the obstacles dance
I dig myself out
to convey
in the foreground
a gesture
put it all in to then pull it all out
looks familiar yet
we all have a

-each reading other
realizes that small
can be carried

-in shock
marble wall of ghost sound time change
done and gone



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