paradise lost


“so… you want to leave…”
said God to Eve.

she picked out a bit
that was stuck between her teeth.

“is Paradise too small, or what?
are air and shelter, food and sun
not good enough for you?”

said Eve to God,
“i’m on a quest, which means
the first half of a quest-ion.
the word-less half,
the itch, the quiver
that yanks from in to far”

the snake had said moments before,
“this fruit’s the end of good or bad
in plain monaural sound,
you’ll get both things together
in stereo and surround.”

(the split
between Heaven and Hell
was for humans –
and multiple experience
the prerrogative of God)

the snake went on,

“there is a chance
for those that munch
on the crunchy fruit
that tastes so sharp
that grows on the tree
in the midst of the grounds
of the garden of Eden
where noone’s allowed
to get the full picture
that’s so hard to fathom:
the coin becomes spherical-
no up, no down”

“only by giving up Heaven
can you do away with Hell…”

and as she bit
the quest began:
the biting feeling got to her guts-
and it yanked from in to far.

she left behind the garden gates
and found there was no path.
she took some steps
and then looked back,
set off again, like a bride-
dragging behind her a train of tracks.

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